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Luke 9:48

Whoever welcomes this child in my name, welcomes me.

Foster Care

A Foster Parent's Journey

The journey of a foster parent is not easy. Many foster children experience fear, anger, confusion, and a sense of rejection after being removed from the only families they have ever known. You must be prepared for the emotional ups and downs that will occur. Although the commitment is substantial, the reward of helping change a child's life is immeasurable joy and satisfaction.

  • Step 1:Pray
    We believe foster care is a calling.
  • Step 2: Contact Us
    Whether you know in your heart that foster care is your calling or simply would like to learn more about foster care, we are here to help.
  • Step 3: Home Visit
    We will schedule a home visit with you to discuss foster care.
  • Step 4: Training
    Attend our 10-week foster care training class and become licensed.
  • Step 5: Placement
    A Christian Heritage supervisor will visit with you to determine what types of placements will work for you and your family.

Once a child is placed in your home, we offer 24-hour support to you. You can also share your experiences and learn from others in our ongoing foster parent support groups.

If you are feeling the call to become part of a foster care ministry, please contact us.