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Psalm 68:6

God places the lonely in families.

Families Together

What is Families Together?

Families Together is an opportunity for the local Church to step up and begin caring for families in crisis like never before. By providing safe, loving, temporary housing for kids at risk, Families Together provides the time and support bio parents sometimes need to get back on their feet and begin a new chapter in their lives. There are a number of amazing ways and impactful roles through which people in the local church can serve and support these families; but the biggest thing Families Together does is OFFER HOPE to children and families.

What if we started opening our hearts and homes to families in need?

What if we began blurring the lines of what and who family is?

What if we became . . . Families Together!

Who Are We?

Families Together volunteers are: 

  • Journey Families - Our Journey Families are passionate, caring, and trained families who want to open their hearts and homes to kids in need. These families take very seriously the call to "care for the least of these." Through hosting kids, many of our Journey Families end up becoming new aunts, uncles, and cousins to the families they serve!
  • Journey Friends - Journey Friends are an even larger network of support created to rally around the Journey Families they serve, as well as the bio families. Journey Friends may help with anything from a meal, prayer, occasional childcare, shoes for the kids, or even a ride to school. This is an amazing opportunity for the larger church body to get involved in the lives of families and serve alongside them!  
  • Parent Advocates - Parent Advocates are a special group of volunteers who have the passion, capacity, and life experience to walk alongside the bio parents to help them get back on their feet, make healthy choices, and most importantly, experience the hope that comes from having someone in their corner!
  • Families Together Churches - A Families Together church is a Bible-focused spiritual community that has made the choice to make families in need matter to the mission of their church. These churches make kids and families a big deal and want to see the people in their congregations mobilized to reach families that need the love and hope they can offer. These churches are generation changers!