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Psalm 68:6

God places the lonely in families.

Families Together

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Please call one of these numbers if you have an immediate need: 

  • Lincoln: 402-413-1974
  • Omaha: 402-819-8986
  • Hastings: 402-834-1717

If you are a parent requesting help, complete the form below to speed up the record-keeping process. Our network of families volunteer to care for your child(ren) for as long as you need. Many parents have entrusted us to help give them the space and time they need to get on their feet--and both parents and children often grow to regard our Journey Families as extended family.

Request for Journey Family
Please explain in a few sentences about your circumstances.
Number of children who need assistance


The following organizations can provide additional assistance, whether or not you need the services of Families Together.