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Psalm 146:7
The Lord sets prisoners free.

Beyond Prison


What do we do?

In 2007 we took a closer look at "Why are there so many children in our foster care system?" After researching hundreds of cases, we determined that a primary contributing factor to children entering foster care is the absence of their fathers.

Destination...Dad® was launched to help kids stay connected with their incarcerated dads. In partnership with the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services and the Lancaster County Jail, many dads have successfully participated in Destination...Dad®

We believe, and research confirms, that every child's chance of success increases when dad is involved in his or her life. 

Program Components

Programming is offered at the following places:

  • Nebraska State Penitentiary
  • Lincoln Correctional Center
  • Tecumseh State Correctional Institution
  • Omaha Correctional Center
  • Lancaster County Department of Correctional Services
  • Nebraska Correctional Center for Woman