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Foster Parent Portal

Welcome to TIPS-MAPP Foster Parent Training

If you have been invited to attend our upcoming Foster Parent Training, we want to thank you for your heart and commitment to children from hard places.  Here are the details about the training class that you will find helpful.  


Where:  Brookside Church located at 11607 M Circle Omaha, NE 68137.  Room 221.  

When:  Monday nights, 6pm-9pm from October 8th through December 17th.  If you will be late or unable to attend please text or call 402-651-6844.

What to expect:  11 weeks of fellowship and learning how to care for children from hard places.  The first night, we will provide dinner.  After that, there will be a sign-up sheet for snacks.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I bring children to the training?  Unfortunately, the information we cover can be sensitive to little ears.  We need to be cognizant of that so we ask that you find alternate care for your children on training nights.  

How much does the class cost?  The training is free.  There is a nominal fee for the cost of fingerprinting if you live in Douglas or Sarpy county.

When will I get the background check forms and other paperwork?  You will receive this roughly a month before the first day of class.  

Do I need to complete the background check forms before class begins?  Nope.  However, the earlier you start on them, the better.  Some of the information gets detailed and it will take some time to complete.  

What if I'm running late to class or can't make it?  Please contact Dave Wilson at 402-651-6844

If I miss a class, what happens?  The classes build progressively upon one another so if you happen to miss a class you will need to schedule a make-up class ASAP.

If I can make it, but my spouse can't, should I still come?  For married couples, we require you to attend together.  If one of you would be unable to make it, call us to discuss it.

How many classes can I miss?  We understand that unexpected issues can arise that may result in missing a class.  However, it's expected that you miss no more than 2 classes.  You will be required to make up any classes that you miss.  

Where is the greatest need?  We consistently face difficulty finding families to foster school-age children and large sibling strips.  We ask that as you learn more about trauma, you would prayerfully consider opening your home to older youth.  

What if we decide that we aren't ready to foster while in training?  We completely understand.  This is a mutual selection process.  It's an emotional journey and it's not for everyone.  However, we will do the best we can to prepare you for what God may be calling you to do.  There may be other ways to get involved too.  Please communicate with us where you are uneasy, scared, or anxious.