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Families Together

We Help Keep Families Together

Families Together is a professionally-supported, church-powered movement that supports parents in-crisis, by providing care for their children. 

It is an opportunity for the local church to rise up and become a safe, loving, extended family-like network for families in crisis.  By temporarily caring for kids in a trained, Christ-centered home, we can provide the extra support these families and moms often need to get back on their feet, while showing them the love of Christ through hospitality.

Through this program, we stand in the gap for children ahead of the government and the system. Most of the children who are supported through Families Together return home, preventing children from experiencing the trauma of foster care.

Who We Seek to Support

  • Families experiencing homelessness and who need additional support to get back on their feet.

  • Parents seeking substance abuse treatment and are in need of a safe home for their children.

  • Parents needing a physical or mental hospitalization and need short term support for their kids.

  • Moms fleeing domestic abuse and are in need of a safe, anonymous place for their kids to be loved.


Are the bio parent(s) signing over custody? Is this foster care?
No. This is a voluntary process designed to support the family. The parent(s) can choose to reunify with their child at any time. The state and foster care are not involved in this process. 

Is this a state run program?
No. This is a movement of screened and trained volunteers who want to help support families on their journeys.

Who are the people involved?
Other than a few people who help coordinate the program, every other person is a volunteer from a church in the community who wants to support families and see them succeed.

Will bio parents get to see their kids?
Depending on their circumstances and ability to see their kids, we will make every effort to keep parents connected to their children.

How long does a hosting usually last?
The range typically varies from a few days up to a few months depending on the time a parent needs to get back on their feet. It is designed to be temporary and short term to get families the support they need on their journey


If you are a parent requesting help, please contact us below.

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