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Foster Parent Portal

Luke 9:48

Whoever welcomes this child in my name welcomes me.

Training Resources

Foster parents can receive continuing education hours for reading approved books, watching approved videos, or participating in online trainings.

Training Credit:

  • Reading-
    • .5 credit hours - 0-50 pages
    • One credit hour- 50-100 pages
    • Two credit hours- 101-150 pages
    • Three credit hours- 151-200 pages
    • Four credit hours- 201-500 pages
  • Videos & Podcasts-
    • .5 credit hours for a 20 to 30 minute video/podcast 
    • 1 credit hour for a 60 minute video/podcast
    • 1.5 credit hours for a 90 minute video/podcast
  • College Hours-
    • Community College: 11 hours- One college credit hour
    • University: 15 hours- One college credit hour

In order to get the credit, you need to fill out the training hours documentation form and have it approved. Each training must be directly related to the skills necessary to care for children in out of home care. Each foster parent needs a minimum of 12 hours annually.

Options for Online Training


Foster Care and Adoption Books

General Parenting Books

Recommended books that may qualify for credit: 

General Resources

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