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Stories of Hope

Cassie's Story

Incarcerated Mom Delivers Healthy Baby

Cassie was pregnant and in jail on drug charges. She didn’t want to lose custody of her son to foster care. Doug and Maddie said yes. They not only loved and cared for Malakai while Cassie received help, they also welcomed Cassie as an extended part of their family.  There were no state contracts or monetary compensation, just two people who said yes to being the hands and feet of Jesus.

“I was pregnant and in jail, waiting to be sentenced on drug charges.

“I didn’t want to give my baby up or to have him put in foster care. I was adopted and never knew my bio family. I wanted something more than that for my son. I felt completely alone and without options. Over the previous 4 years I’d experienced so much loss in life and health problems of my own. Drugs were my only way to cope (or not cope). I was eventually arrested and incarcerated.

“In jail, I began attending parenting classes offered by Christian Heritage. That’s where I heard about Families Together. I also met Rhoni, who taught the classes. Rhoni and I worked closely with the Families Together program to locate a family to care for my son until I could get out of jail, go to treatment and get back on my feet. Malakai was born in April.

“We found the Foral family who welcomed my son into their home, with unconditional love for the both of us. God couldn’t have worked in any greater way than he has through the Forals. Rhoni has continued to mentor me following my release. 

“Today, Malakai is an 8-week-old, blue-eyed boy with chubby cheeks and a big smile. I’m so grateful for the Foral family and Christian Heritage. I no longer feel alone. I now have people in my corner fighting for me.”

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