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Stories of Hope

Hope Restored for a Father & Daughter

Luis & Isabel's Story

Luis is a proud father. A first-generation Mexican American. And, at one point: a convicted drug dealer. While serving a mandatory sentence at Nebraska Corrections, he learned about Beyond Prison...and everything changed. 

Luis began consistently attending classes. He learned how to communicate, and how to listen. He found people who cared.

Then, after six months apart, Luis earned the chance to reunite with his daughter. He describes the first visit with Isabel while incarcerated as “the moment the light came back into her eyes. The sun started shining again; she was revived by these visits.” Isabel even celebrated her 15th birthday, Mexican quinceañera style, by dressing up and dancing with her Dad as part of the annual Daddy Daughter Dance.

Through it all, Isabel persevered and not only survived, but thrived. She graduated high school with honors, secured a job, volunteers with kids, and now lives with her Dad in their new home. Her little brother has rejoined the family too. Today, Luis & Isabel are a success story, and a family restored.

Together, we are offering hope to families like this one.

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