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Stories of Hope

Miss Rachael's Story

God Love Restores

Miss Rachael believes she is doing exactly what she was created to do. Over the course of the last 27 years, Rachael has fostered nearly 75 children, primarily teenage boys. As a former foster child, she knows the difference one good home makes for a hurting child.

“People come into foster care for different reasons. Mine was neglect and abuse. I was in two foster homes where it was really about money. I was a dollar bill and the other foster children were the same. It was really unfortunate because I came from a messed up environment already and then to go into a home where they didn’t care. I felt I had no value. I just existed.

“Then, the last home I went to, they really cared. This one good home, made up for the bad."

“It has always been my goal, when they come through that door, they know from day one ‘somebody loves me.’ That’s crucial. They’ve been abused and need to know that there’s a place for them. God still has purpose for their life, no matter what has happened to them.

"For the most part, I will take any child if the Father brings them to me. I pretty much take the ones who are hard to place. I don’t discriminate because I’ve learned that sometimes on paper things look one way. But when they come in your home and they feel that they’re loved, they’re taken care of, all of that is washed away. It's amazing what love does to a person. It changes you."

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