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What is it like working for Christian Heritage?

Christian Heritage allows for a flexible schedule. We value family and encourage engaged parenting. We view our staff as family and have a strong sense of community.

Christian Heritage employees must meet deadlines, work within budgets, are supported by supervisors, have performance reviews, etc., just as they would with a secular employer. A fundamental – and wonderful – distinction we enjoy is that by working for a Christian ministry, each employee is part of Kingdom building. Regardless of an employee’s role, their work is part of God’s plan. The goal of seeing lives transformed by Jesus Christ colors every aspect of our daily work effort. We are looking for people who want to minister along with us.

Leaders at Christian Heritage will encourage your relationship with Jesus Christ through corporate prayer and Bible reading, offer you an equitable compensation and benefits package, and create learning opportunities through ongoing training and development as well as the potential to earn incentives for new professional development.

Christian Heritage employees will serve as consistent witnesses for Jesus Christ by maintaining a courteous, Christ-like attitude in dealing with people, taking personal ownership for the responsibilities assigned to them, and treating coworkers and clients as they would want to be treated.

Another distinction is that we talk a lot about practicing good self-care and not getting out of balance. This is not only talked about, but also practiced and encouraged by all employees. Coworkers and leaders strive to help each other thrive in their personal and professional lives.