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The Well - A Community of Monthly Donors

The Well is a committed group of monthly givers on a mission to restore families, change generations, and offer new beginnings to vulnerable children.

When we come to Jesus - He gives us living water. He is the author of The Well that will never run dry. He meets us in our need and our hurt. He takes the broken pieces of our story, and shapes them into something magnificent. You can help children in broken places experience His transforming love.

By partnering with Christian Heritage as a monthly donor, you are providing hope through things like

  • A mattress for a child that sleeps on the floor
  • A safe home for a child who is neglected every day
  • Classes for parents who have never had the chance to learn parenting skills

Lily, Our Littlest Donor

Join The Well

By supporting Christian Heritage monthly, you are providing purposed and transformative opportunities for children’s lives to be changed.