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Ways to Help


Our greatest need is prayer. We need people to pray for Christian Heritage staff, foster parents, and the children, youth, and families we serve.  We know that prayer changes things. Will you join us in prayer?

Here are some of things to pray for:

  • Lots of our kids have had traumatic experiences. Pray for healing of their minds and hearts.
  • Foster kids really want to see their parents and sometimes things happen to prevent that. Pray for comfort for those who haven’t seen their families for a long time.
  • Everybody needs to belong, and the goal is for every child in foster care to have a good family to grow up in. Sometimes that means they will go back to their families and sometimes that means being adopted. Pray for permanency for our kids.
  • Pray for healing and strength for kids with medical problems. 
  • Pray for the youth we work with to feel safe and to know that their parents are safe. 
  • Pray that foster parents would have patience and learn how to best take care of the kids in their homes. 
  • Times of change—such as a new home, new school, or new friends—are difficult for kids. Pray that they would feel comfortable quickly and not be afraid. 
  • Christian Heritage works with kids who have parents in prison. Many of those families struggle with basic day-to-day needs, like having enough food or the right clothes for winter. Pray for their needs to be met.
  • The only way for some kids to see their dads is to go see them in prison. They pray that nothing will happen to prevent visits. Please pray for that, too.
  • Many of the children and families we work with need prayer to learn about and accept Christ.