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Our Core Values

Christian Heritage is a Christ-centered ministry that works to fulfill the purpose of offering hope to children and families. We do so by being...

  • Christ-centered

    Central identity is the new birth experienced in Jesus Christ.

  • Called

    Compelled by a higher purpose, vision, and dream. Driven with a heartbeat for at-risk children/families who need the hope we offer.

  • Teachable

    Able to receive wise counsel for the sake of growing. A mindset of learning is lifelong.

  • Good neighbors

    Concerned, aware and responsive to those around us. Hearts that are motivated by helping others first.

  • Authentic

    Being honest and sincere in relationships with others is paramount; putting aside the temptation to present a false self.

  • Stewards

    Representing Christian Heritage with integrity, and understanding our responsibility to honor God in the way we manage our resources.

  • Family-oriented

    Unity in relationships, connecting, and having fun at work are paramount to our culture. Work hard, play hard, and have fun!

Our Programs